Friday, 11 April 2014

Humidity is Important!

Cust: I don't know the humidity!
Me: I'm not a weather station madam. I don't have this information..

Cust: But i gave Vodafone 10€ yesterday!
(Note: i don't have any connection with this company)
Me: Then you should ask them, but i doubt Vodafone sell this kind of Service (Is a Telecom provider)

Cust: This is all unfair i want my money back!
Me: Then madam you should go to this company and ask for it.
Cust: Why can't you give me the money??

Me: Do you see Vodafone writtern anywhere in my shop? No! That means i have no affiliation with them!

Cust: But you sell phones!
Me: Yes but that doesn't mean i should pay the debts of Vodafone..

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