Friday, 18 April 2014

A Mother need her son!

If there is a patience Guinness record i want to apply!
(Between parenthesis are my thoughts)

Cust: I'm the mother of X Y (Completely unknown person)
Me: How can i help you? (Thinking: " who the hell is your son??")
Cust: My phone is black
Me: Did you try to turn it on?
Cust: NO! when i call it's black!
Me: You mean when you try to make a phone call your screen go black?
Cust: NO! I can't receive calls!
Me: Can you please show how you make a phone call?
Cust: I say i can't call i have no money! (Already want to strangle her..)
Me: Well then it's easy madam you just need to put some more money!
Cust: But my son take care of everything!
Me: Then tell your son you finish all your money!
Cust: But i need my phone NOW! (i lost my patience NOW!)
Me: Then you need to recharge NOW without your son!
Cust: No no no... i can't do this without my son! But you know my son is X Y!
Me: Anyway you still have to put money...
Cust: But why do i need to recharge? (i know i should have bought that crocodile's pit for customer like this one..)
Me: Because you have no money!
Cust: But why? (I open her phone, and easily spot an international call)
Me: You see madam? 3 days ago you make a 10 minutes phone call to France!
Cust: But it's my nephew Z W! (another unknown name)
Me: That doesn't mean then calling him is for free!
Cust: But he call me!
Me: No madam the phone clearly show that is in the "outgoing call" not in the "received call"
Cust: So what should i say my son? (to not let you out of the house o begin with..)
Me: You don't need your son, you need to put some money in!
Cust: Are you sure?
Me: YES!
Cust: Ok then! (Hallelujah!!!!)

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