Friday, 30 August 2013

Proud of my own country!

Sometime people come just to have some talk, and strange one too..

Customer: Ah all our money always end up in the hand of Immigrants..
Me: Truth be told, if we are looking for the guilty of stealing our money, we need only look into a mirror. Our own country men steal your and my money! You just need to look at the newspapers to realize that..

Customer: But is different when a Foreign steal your money then someone from your same country!
Me: Why? a Thief is a thief no matter how the language his speak or the color of his skin...

Customer: But if i got robbed by someone of my own country i feel proud of him.
Me: If is pride what you are looking for you just have to tell me, i will gladly take all your money to make you feel better..

Sadly he didn't accept my offer..

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