Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Too Good to be true... till you check!

Cust: I come here to complain because last year you told me i was going to pay 25€ each month for this, but when i call they told me it was 20€!
Me: Well i stand corrected, what i offer was officially at that price but if they promise you less i'm happy for you!
Cust: But it was un professional for you to not tell me they would offer me less!
Me: Well but are you sure that you are paying 20€?
Cust: Of Course!
Me: Can you show me a bill?
Cust: I never check bills!
Me: Lucky we can check with your phone!
Check on his phone
Me: See? They are making you pay 25€ Exactly as i told you!
Cust: But they promise me 20€!
Me: Well since i was unprofessional, feel free to call that professional that help you last time!

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