Wednesday, 24 July 2013

I'm the evil master mind

Customer enter visibly upset.

Cust.: My brand new device (less then 1 month) screen is not working.
Me: You see on the screen there are show that is probably a problem of water.
Cust.: It's impossible i always nurture this device like a kid!
Me: Ok if you want i will send it to the repair center, maybe is not a water problem.

The Device go and come back with written: Oxidation inside clearly showing water in the device, Repair not in guarantee

Customer come back

Cust.: Is impossible i always save this phone
Me: You see if inside the device there are clear sign of water contamination, it means that even if you didn't notice some water went over it.
Cust: Who told me that you didn't spill water on it after i left it to you to repair, so it wouldn't go fixed?
1st since i don't spend money or earn money in repairing your device i have no incentives to sabotage your device while i have it with me, and it will just upset you without any advantage for me.
2nd: if you will find any authorized repair center willing to certify that the problem you described before is'n correlated at all with the oxidation of the circuit inside the device (good luck on that) we can talk on that. until then this phone will not be fixed..

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